Posted by Chris
DrupalCon Los Angeles

Our session wasn't accepted for DrupalCon Los Angeles, but that's not going to stop us! We have a BoF setup for Tuesday morning at 10:45am in room 503, the MediaCurrent room. Stop on by with your questions, tips or just overall curiosity. We'd love to meet you!

We do have a limited supply of the original LillyBot stickers, so if you make the pledge to build your site accessibly, you just might earn your badge.

Here are the URLs we collected over the course of the discussion. We hope everyone was able to pick up something useful.

WAI-ARIA Overview:
Aria Techniques:
Using ALT attributes:
Accessibility Viewer Inspection Tool:
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool:
Accessibility Testing:
Web Governance:
Content governance:
ZivTech's Accessible Base Theme:
Color Blindness Simulator:
Color Blindness Chrome Extension:
Accessibility How-To Guide: